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Videoconferencing and Telepresence Solution

A potent and winning combination of rapid strides in telecommunications technology, powerful computing processors and advanced video compression techniques have changed the conduct of business operations the world over and paved the way for novel approaches to video communications in the native and global workplace. Increasing number of businesses and industries are seizing the advantages in terms of communications, collaboration and speed to increase their effciency and save on time and cost.  
The Video Conferencing and Tele-presence systems from Telenova lift video telephony to new and greater heights of sophistication and performance to meet the need to connect and collaborate independent of place, time and device. Our Tele-presence systems provide high-definition, glitch free and life-like one-to-one collaborative and immersive experience from any end point over a reliable IP network to healthcare industries, business enterprises, Education industry etc. To suit all scenarios and requirements our solutions range from IP phones to mobiles through to Desktop solutions. 
Our framework is designed to leverage the following:
 - Guaranteed increased ROI
 - Interoperability with other systems
 - Reduced logistics overhead
 - Ease of Document and Content sharing Crisp audio and video quality
 - Imperceptible latency
 - Productivity through faster decision making
 - Corporate responsibility via reduced carbon footprint
 - Reliable, Scalable, Secure and easy to deploy
We also offer a selection of communication modes like:
 - Voice activation
 - Request-to-speak
 - Push-to-talk
We provide a single point of contact for all sales, installation, management and support services. Our support team in particular is on standby 24x7 to keep the systems going and help you derive the utmost advantage from our top-of-the-line products. We also help companies make a smooth transition from video conferencing to the more advanced Tele-presence systems