Surveillance Systems

Telenova’s robust surveillance and video analytics solutions is aimed at arresting the breach and compromise of security by sending quick alerts to the security personnel for faster prioritized action. Telenova’s products accentuate environmental perceptions and emerge as an indispensable, integral and reliable tool for residences, critical infrastructures and organizations.

Telenova’s time tested algorithms speedily filter and analyze real time events translating them into actionable intelligence and assists in decision making and fosters proactive mitigation and management of threat. The analytics can be fine tuned to meet specific industrial requirements and corporate policies. 

-CCTV Cameras
-Digital and Network Video Recorders
-High Definition CV Cameras
-IP Cameras

These are a few of the suite of products and services we offer that filter real time footage, assisting in analysis and decision making. Highly resilient, efficient and remotely accessible, Telenova’s products are indispensable, integral, and reliable.